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I got the idea when a family pet passed away and thought, when a loved pet passes away it is often the first time a child encounters death on a personal and emotional level. As a parent it can also be uncomfortable to dispose of a loved pet, some parents do it without the child’s knowledge, or in a stealthy way to save even more heartache.

So Mini Pet Coffins was born.

Making a Mini Pet Coffin with your children can be an activity to bring you together, with an opportunity to reflect or talk about the cycle of life.  It is also a way to say a proper goodbye to your beloved pet.

Mini Pet Coffins are 100% recyclable.

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Our caskets and coffins are also ideal for themed events, and other occasions, like Halloween. We can also design for promotions, Brands and other specific livery. If you have any questions, please get in touch on our contact page.

No animals were hurt in the making of this website.

Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

1). What are the coffin or casket sizes?

Small         8cm X 3.5cm

Medium     10cm X 4.5cm 

Large         12.5cm X 6.5cm 

Xtra Large 18cm X 8 cm  (2xA4 Sheets)

2). What file is the file type that I am downloading?

The files are Pdf (A4) files and can be printed out on most printers connected to your device.

Printing Advice

All files are A4 size- 297.5mm x 210mm

Printers and printer software packages vary, so please check your printer paper size is set to A4. You can usually check that the image fits correctly on the page with a print preview. Otherwise you may get unwanted results.

Paper and card Advice

I like to use any card that can be printed with a home printer. I recommend a good quality paper for smaller coffins like the Bumblebee and anything over 200gsm for card and 260gsm is perfect but check your printer first to see what it will accept.

Headstone tips

I use upright semi buried sticks to support the inside of a headstone because it prevents the wind blowing the headstone over.

Another way to keep a headstone from degrading is to fill it with a mixture of 60% Sand and 40% P.V.A.

Also if you paint the headstone exterior with a clear or non-gloss varnish, that will help to keep it from degrading from the weather.